The water heater is a drinking water device that uses electric energy to heat water. The electric water boiler has unique and novel design, small size and beautiful appearance. Compared with the traditional boiler, it has the advantages of simple operation, safe and fast, low noise, environmental protection and no pollution, and boiling water. The supply is available at any time, regardless of time, and the machine is inexpensive and versatile.

Hot Water Boiler Features

  1. This machine is made of all stainless steel, molded by water tank, ergonomic design and beautiful appearance.
  2. Energy-saving special high-efficiency heat energy recovery technology, saving 80%.
  3. Intelligent with intelligent water control system. Automatic water supply Automatic heating, leakage protection, voltage loss protection, over-current protection and other intelligent functions, no need to look after, reasonable power saving.
  4. Safe and atmospheric pressure patented technology, the water tank is not under pressure, preventing explosion and being safer. Special box locks prevent the illegal elements from injecting poison into the water heater. The boiling water is treated with three-stage PPK+KDF+ double efficient activated carbon, filtration and high temperature sterilization.

stainless steel water boiler

Technical Principle

After the water heater is installed correctly, the water source and power supply are connected and sensed in the level control system.

When the water level does not reach the lower level (safe heating level), the solenoid valve is first connected and the water heater begins to feed. At this time, the temperature shows the inlet temperature. Water level indicator and heating indicator are not on;

When the water level reaches the lower level (safe heating level), the control plate disconnects the solenoid valve, suspends the water intake and connects the heating system. At this time, the water level indicator flashes, the heating indicator lights up, starts to heat, and stops filling water. A kind of

After the heating reaches the set re-entry temperature, the system re-enters the water, while heating continues; each water inflow is about 2 liters (depending on the type and temperature of the machine);

Re-enter water and heat until it reaches the upper level, the water level indicator lights up, and the water supply stops; Continue heating until the temperature reaches the set temperature, and the heating indicator lights out.

electric water boiler

Hot Water Boiler Advantages

Electric protection alarm function, electronic temperature control, anti-water dry burning, anti-overflow and water leakage.

Automatic control - fully automatic microcomputer control, no manual operation required.

Energy-saving and efficient - more than 60% more energy-saving than traditional water heaters, and more than 80% energy-saving machine series. Continuous water supply - subverting the tradition, the revolutionary third-generation water heater uses a unique step-by-step hydration and layer-by-layer heating method. Water, hydration and heating are simultaneously carried out, and the water is continuously supplied to ensure that no water is consumed.

Easy to manage - there is almost no overflow and no steam during use, and it will not pollute the environment.

Safety and Hygiene - According to the industry's most stringent Japanese JIS standards, five anti-safety technologies: anti-leakage design, anti-dry design, fire retardant design, anti-opening design, anti-vibration and anti-steam design.

The appearance is perfect - the appearance is luxurious, the structure is exquisite, giving a refreshing feeling.

Easy to install - a variety of installations, can be hung on the wall, can stand on the ground, plus the base can also stand on the ground.