The meat grinder is a kind of meat sliced, shredded and twisted stuffing machine and food processing machine. It is processed in the meat processing industry to process the raw meat into different sizes of granular meat according to different process requirements, so as to be well mixed with other auxiliary materials. To meet the needs of different products. The cutter meat cutter adopts a double hob structure, which combines the function of cutting meat and ground meat. The meat cutting part adopts two sets of rotating blades, cross-cutting, and the block-shaped net meat is processed into two kinds of flakes and filaments. The operation is simple, the cutting is good, the meat cutting effect is good, the cut meat is flat, and the thickness is suitable. The cutter meat cutting machine is the most widely used food machinery in meat processing. The equipment is widely used in a variety of sausage, ham, meatball and other meat products industries.

commercial meat grinder

Performance Characteristics of Meat Grinder

First, the use of fully enclosed gear rotation, smooth operation and easy maintenance.

Second, the structure is compact, the lines are smooth, simple and beautiful.

Third, power saving and durable, high work efficiency, easy to operate, easy to clean.

Fourth, the meat grinder head and the parts that come into contact with food are made of high-grade stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free.

Fifth, the casing line is smooth, there is no gap that can be hidden and the sharp edge of the harmless operator, the line is smooth, easy to clean, beautiful and elegant.

Sixth, the use of fully enclosed gear transmission, compact structure, stable operation, reliable work, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy maintenance.

Seventh, the machine head and the parts that come into contact with food are made of high-grade stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

Built to out-perform all others in its class, this meat grinder is comprised of durable, high quality stainless steel to combat rust and corrosion. Plus, stainless steel is a snap to clean, so you'll have no trouble wiping it down at the end of a busy shift.

kitchen meat grinder

Gear-Driven Body

This meat grinder features a gear-driven body for outstanding processing of up to 260 lb. of meat per hour, while a direct drive transmission ensures consistent grinding speeds.

Gear-Driven Body of mutifuctional meat grinder

Helpful Accessories

A replacement knife, gasket, 1/4" grinder plate, and 5/16" grinder plate are all included so you can keep your unit operating at peak performance.

components and parts of commercial meat grinder

Sausage Tube/Stuffer

A sausage tube/stuffer allows you to create long links of delicious sausage to sell or cook at your facility.

Meat Grinder Performance Advantages

  1. The meat grinder has a reasonable and compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, and safety and hygiene.
  2. The meat grinder has the advantages of small footprint, convenient operation and clean and hygienic.
  3. Meat grinders are double hob structure, there are two types of horizontal and vertical.
  4. The meat cut out by the meat grinder has the characteristics of flatness, appropriate thickness and smooth surface.
  5. Meat grinder is widely used in cutting all kinds of boneless pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken and so on.
  6. Meat grinder is an ideal equipment for meat processing in hotels, restaurants, canteens and individual processing households.