The lifting type Salamander mainly uses the heat source to heat and bake the surface of the food. The lifting type Salamander is a device for heating and grilling the food surface by using a heat source. The machine is made of all stainless steel, and the overall structure is safe and reasonable, and the shape is beautiful. The lift Salamander adopts high-quality infrared heating tube with built-in thermal insulation layer. The polished stainless steel reflective paraboloid is beneficial to improve thermal performance and uniform heat radiation, simple operation, free control, fast heating speed, safety and hygiene. Lifting Salamander is a must for Western restaurants, KTV, fast food restaurants and canteens.

Lift Salamander Introduction

Lifting Salamander features:

  • combined with a horizontal and vertical wall-mount style for convenient usage.
  • Luxurious stainless steel outer box design, the structure is safe and reasonable, beautiful and generous.
  • Stainless steel food juice tray and grill can be easily disassembled and cleaned for easy maintenance.
  • Its handle can adjust the distance between food and tubes of the food on demand while roasting.
  • The temperature is easy to control, and the sliding of the upper sliding groove is suitable for cooking of different kinds of food.
  • High-quality infrared heating tube with thermal insulation layer for safety and thermal efficiency.
  • This Electric Lift Salamander has three open sides that fit any kind of cooking trays. Its own tray is removable which makes it very easy to clean and it has a heating element with adjustable height.

Lift Salamander Introduction 2

Lifting salamander operation method:

  1. The machine should be placed in a stable place. The left side should be more than 10cm away from the object, and the rest should be more than 30cm away from incombustible materials (such as brick walls).
  2. If air leakage is found, immediately close the liquefied gas valve, open the window, strengthen the ventilation, do not open, turn off the power and ignition, and then use it after repair.
  3. There are cooling holes at the top, can not stack any items, such as long-term use, the top cover should be supported to make it well ventilated.
  4. There is an inlet nozzle on the lower part of the equipment. The hose that meets the safety requirements is connected with the low pressure relief valve of the liquefied gas valve. The connection should be firm and reliable to prevent accidents caused by the dropout.
  5. The furnace should be closed after use. The surface of the furnace, the furnace and the outer surface can be cleaned with a wet towel that does not contain corrosive detergent.

Lift Salamander Introduction 3

Displacement and storage

This product should be handled carefully and should not be placed up side down in order to prevent from damage both outside and inside during displacement. The packaged machine should be put in a ventilated warehouse without contacting corrosive gas. If it needs to be stored outdoors temporarily, please make sure it is safe from rain and dirt.