High Temp Dishwashing Equipment Conveyor Hood Type Dishwasher W/Electric Tank Heat

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Whether you need a door-type, under counter, or conveyor machine, here you'll find a commercial dishwasher to help you efficiently clean your wares. Most restaurant dishwashers are available in low-temp and high-temp versions, so finding the right one for your operation should be simple. This Dish washing Equipment has a stainless steel construction, is convertible from high temperature or chemical sanitizing rinse.

High Temp Dishwashing Equipment Conveyor Hood type Dishwasher w/ Electric Tank Heat 


1. Mechanical Pannel, easy to operate and understand, with external digital temperature display and starting

     lamp, leaving you know the machine running status well.

2.  Unique Fully Enclosed Bell-Less Design, reduce the lost of heat and steam from machine.

3.  Sensitive Door Control Switch, clean as the door closes, safe and convenient.

4.  Advanced Float Ball Device, accurately control the water level to reach a reliable height, protect the heater

     all the time.

5.  Adopt Recycling Water, it to run the first washing step, save the water volume, environmental protection and 

     energy saving.

6.  Main Applications: Restaurant Chain, Hotel, Dinner Room of Enterprise and Factory, Coffee Shop Etc.

Product Name

commercial dishwasher 






60 basket/hour 

Booster Capacity


Washing tank capacity 


Water Consumption


Washing tank power 




Total Power


Incoming Water Pressure



simple and practical

1. Wrap-around handle bar design, lightweight lifting and pulling, reducing labor intensity;

2, mechanical circuit control panel, easy to operate and easy to understand;

3, external temperature display, start indicator light, easy to observe the operation of the machine;

4. Cleaning arm and spray cleaning arm are easy to clean and load and unload;

5. The design of the frame can guarantee all aspects of spraying and washing;

6. Sealed washroom design can reduce heat and steam loss;

7. The cleaning cylinder is equipped with a drainage rod to realize automatic overflow and has the function of centralized drainage.

Safe and reliable

1. Double-layer circulation filtration device

2. The waterproof protection of the button can prevent electricity leakage caused by improper operation during use;

3, automatic door induction control, open the door can stop cleaning, close the door can restart the machine for cleaning, safe and convenient use;

4. When the water level is high or low, the float switch controls the water level to reach a reliable height to protect the heater;

energy efficient 

1. Save operation time, reduce labor intensity and labor cost;

2. High pressure water down cleaning, high cleanliness of tableware, low breakage rate;

3. Rotate the upper and lower washing arms 360 degrees to increase the effective contact surface between water flow and tableware;

4. Good temperature control function ensures that the rinse water temperature reaches above 86 degrees to achieve disinfection effect;

5. Oval orifice and fan-shaped water spraying shape are adopted to increase the effective contact surface between water flow and tableware;

6. Adopt the internal concave anti-blocking spray hole design, strengthen the cleaning ability, expand the spray cleaning range, and ensure the perfect washing effect.

7. The circulating water mode is adopted in the initial washing stage to save the washing water consumption and greatly reduce the operation cost;

8. Adopt progressive cleaning mode, first wash and then high-temperature water disinfection, effectively save energy;

9. Compared with the traditional open-lid dishwasher, it can clean two baskets of tableware at the same time, which greatly increases the amount of washing;

Optional accessories:

A: Dirty dish(entrance working desk of dishwasher)

B: Clean dish desk(exit working desk of dishwasher)

C:High pressur water faucet

D:Double pump dispenser

E:Dish-washing basket

F:Special detergent for dishwasher, specified drier for dishwasher.

More Information
Weight (kg) 600.0000
Brand Name
Certification CE
Model Number C88
Control Panel Mechanic
Installation Freestanding
Material Steel
MOQ 1 Pcs
Warranty 1 year Parts & Labor
Voltage 380V/AC/50HZ/5N
Timing Function No
Power Source Electricity
Power 13KW
Dimensions 640*710*H1400MM
Packing Size 1270*810*1600mm
CBM 1.65
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